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Our Mission

At Helix & Gene Wellness, our mission is simple: to help our patients become the best versions of themselves. Our full-proof system was collaboration between doctors, fitness professionals, and nutritionists. Patients will not only change their bodies, but learn about how their body responds to exercise and food. Through our 3 phase process, patients will discover what the term “wellness” means for them, and truly change their bodies and their lives.

Phase 1

Phase 1 includes a 21 to 60 day detox based on your goals. Your body will cleanse itself, and “reset” back to a clean state. We truly personalize this system for as our patients become acutely aware of what foods work the best and what foods to minimize or avoid. To determine the best macronutrient balance and appropriate exercise for our patients, we provide a DNA swab kit, send it to a CLIA certified lab where it is processed with our algorithm. This blueprint becomes the foundation upon which we build as we continue to coach our patients in the nutrition and fitness realm through weekly half hour fitness coaching focusing on spine stabilization and safely elevating heart rate. In addition, our patients will have bi-weekly nutrition coaching and access to both the nutrition and fitness coach by text.

  • 12 Week Concierge Diet Coaching

  • 12 Week Concierge Fitness Coaching

  • Heart Rate Monitor

  • Body Composition Analysis Scale

  • Starter Supplement Pack

  • Helix & Gene DNA Kit and Analysis

Phase 2

This phase is the most important. Our patient’s DNA information has been interpreted and we create the perfect nutrition and workout plans based on that data. Phase 1 focused on detoxification, a reset of metabolism, food sensitivity testing, spine stabilization and mild heart elevation to prepare you for the customization of Phase 2. The cost of the program drops at this stage, and we double the training sessions and nutrition visits to make sure our patients embody the talent of sustainability with regards to nutrition and exercise.

Phase 3

By this phase our patients have learned how to stabilize their body body, how to eat properly, and how their own body best responds to fitness and nutrition. We will send our patients fitness routines and nutrition plans that that are now totally within the realm of actualization. We will check in via email and text to make sure our patients stay successful.


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