Joseph N

This program changed my life! In the first 43 days, I shed 40 pounds! It feels like I got 5 years of my life back. But the amazing change did not stop there! By 60 days into the program, I was down 50 pounds. Not only was I feeling better and losing my weight quickly and efficiently, but also, my body water and my muscle mass went up. I am more efficient and stronger in my training sessions as the program and it’s tailored fitness package increase my range of motion and flexibility. The team of my fitness and nutrition coaches were my core support, as they were available at anytime I needed their guidance or push. The entire helix and gene team were truly available 24/7 to talk about my current diet and to plan my next phase in the nutrition and training plan. Helix and gene gave me a new lease on life!

Helix & Gene
John S

Train you mind, Change your body could not be a more accurate description of Helix and Gene. This is no diet, its a complete journey that ultimately resets how you approach the foods you put into your body, and the control you actually have that you never knew existed.

I have been on several diets, “I ate the food and lost the weight”, only to gradually put it back on. Since being introduced to Sam and his team I lost 45 pounds over 8 weeks! I have an amazing team made up of nutrition and fitness coaches that I meet with weekly and can communicate with throughout the day or night for advise, information or just support.

I went into my initial consultation knowing I had to try this for my own sake, but I was very skeptical and reluctant. So initially, I made a short term commitment to making a serious effort. However, once I got into a rhythm, began to trust the people,and the process, saw the progress for myself , I continued the journey to where I am today. My mind has changed, my approach to food is different, and I am in the best physical and mental shape of my adult life.

There are no words to explain the transformation that was possible for me, and I cannot speak highly enough about the extremely professional team of experts at Helix and Gene. I am now 100% convinced that If you make the decision as I did to make the change in your life, they will make it happen.

Helix & Gene
Clare W

After various program attempts based on calorie counting, elimination of a food category and/or increased work outs I was left disappointed and frustrated with the lack of results.
Seventy-seven days ago I started a life changing journey with Helix&Gene. This program offered a combination of individualized nutrition and physical counseling. The coaches and trainer provide 24/7 support and encouragement. We have celebrated success and trouble shot set backs.
Weight loss occurred from the very first day. Some days I stepped on the scale 2-3 times to confirm the loss. I’ve progressed from huffing and puffing to running up the staircase. I’ve gone down 3 clothing sizes. My blood work numbers have all improved.
The program has provided a new eating philosophy. Words can’t express enough the gratitude to this program I feel every time someone comments on the new me!!!

Helix & Gene