Clare W

After various program attempts based on calorie counting, elimination of a food category and/or increased work outs I was left disappointed and frustrated with the lack of results.
Seventy-seven days ago I started a life changing journey with Helix&Gene. This program offered a combination of individualized nutrition and physical counseling. The coaches and trainer provide 24/7 support and encouragement. We have celebrated success and trouble shot set backs.
Weight loss occurred from the very first day. Some days I stepped on the scale 2-3 times to confirm the loss. I’ve progressed from huffing and puffing to running up the staircase. I’ve gone down 3 clothing sizes. My blood work numbers have all improved.
The program has provided a new eating philosophy. Words can’t express enough the gratitude to this program I feel every time someone comments on the new me!!!

Helix & Gene