John S

Train you mind, Change your body could not be a more accurate description of Helix and Gene. This is no diet, its a complete journey that ultimately resets how you approach the foods you put into your body, and the control you actually have that you never knew existed.

I have been on several diets, “I ate the food and lost the weight”, only to gradually put it back on. Since being introduced to Sam and his team I lost 45 pounds over 8 weeks! I have an amazing team made up of nutrition and fitness coaches that I meet with weekly and can communicate with throughout the day or night for advise, information or just support.

I went into my initial consultation knowing I had to try this for my own sake, but I was very skeptical and reluctant. So initially, I made a short term commitment to making a serious effort. However, once I got into a rhythm, began to trust the people,and the process, saw the progress for myself , I continued the journey to where I am today. My mind has changed, my approach to food is different, and I am in the best physical and mental shape of my adult life.

There are no words to explain the transformation that was possible for me, and I cannot speak highly enough about the extremely professional team of experts at Helix and Gene. I am now 100% convinced that If you make the decision as I did to make the change in your life, they will make it happen.

Helix & Gene