What We Offer

Concierge Coaching service

The main purpose of our coaching program at Helix & Gene is to ensure success by impeccable communication. When starting our program, you will be assigned your own personal fitness and nutrition coaches. Our coaches will hold you to account daily by being in communication with you for all your fitness and nutrition needs.

Personalized nutrition program

In addition to a customized fitness program, clients will receive a custom nutrition program. The program is in three phases. The first phase is a 43 day cleanse. The 43 days is scientifically formulated to burn your own body’s excess fat calories as a fuel source. By doing this, you will reset your hormones, and feel like a new person. The second phase is a reintroduction of foods done slowly with your fitness and nutrition coaches’ guidance. This is a key element in our system for long term success.

Spinal Stability Fitness training

Helix & Gene Wellness is the only wellness and weight loss center to focus specifically on spinal stability. The development of important stabilizer muscles such as your glutes, rhomboids, and inner core muscles is a key aspect of this philosophy. With this as the catalyst of our program, clients should expect to better their posture, and release tension on their joints and bones. This is essential during weight loss, as the body goes through often rapid shifts, and your framework needs to adjust. Our fitness coaches are nationally accredited and trained to make sure your body changes both aesthetically, and safely.

This training philosophy was created specifically by our co-founder Sam Balooch by combining yoga, Pilates, strength training, and martial arts. This routine is unique to our system.

Heart rate tracking through myzone

Being that communication is vital to the process, we include in our service a heart rate tracking monitor that is the most accurate on the market. The patient will wear the heart rate monitor both during training sessions at our center, as well as when they are out exercising on their own. The data is synced through MyZone app for us to ensure full accountability and engagement.

Fitness and nutrition genetic testing

We at Helix & Gene have our own CLIA certified lab, as well as our own algorithm created by our team of doctors, nutritionists and fitness professionals. By using your DNA, we will get an in-depth report helping us construct a personalized fitness, nutrition and supplementation plan designed specifically for you. Our labs received the highest grades of safety from CLIA, and your data is completely secure with HIPPA compliance.

blood Test

We will work hand in hand with your physician. We will ask for a specific blood panel that will give us the proper information needed. By having this blood work in conjunction with your genetic test, we leave no room for guess work. Our program will be tailor made just for you.


After 20 years of experience in the fitness and nutrition field, we realize how difficult it can be to understand what are good products, and what are not. Companies often sell their own proprietary blends, and quality control becomes challenging. At Helix & Gene we keep things simple—only the ingredients you want, and nothing more. Our customized supplements contain only all natural ingredients, and no additives.